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Donors' Guide to Gulf Coast Relief and Recovery

The Donors' Guide to Gulf Coast Relief and Recovery distills the vast quantities of information surrounding the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast since landfall of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 

The First Edition of the Donors’ Guide (published July 2006) was originally designed as an internal document for dissemination among members of the Task Force and the wider Philanthropy New York membership. However, with the assistance of “word of mouth” endorsements, and in the absence of other resources regarding philanthropic responses to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, it has become a definitive national resource for foundations and nonprofit organizations alike.

The Second Edition (published December 2007) provides updated information on the New York philanthropic community's contributions of more than $325 million for rescue, recovery, and rebuilding efforts.

Separated into three parts, the guide is intended for any individual or institution with an interest in supporting nonprofit organizations in the hurricane-affected areas.

Part OneProgrammatic categories of nonprofit organizations funded by Philanthropy New York members and other New York area funders. Includes a categorized index of nonprofits engaged in Gulf Coast relief and recovery and highlighted organizations by category.

Part TwoFunding Recipients. Information on member and other funded nonprofit organizations working with populations affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Part ThreeAdditional Resources. Easily accessible information and resources for grantmakers and donors who are interested in pursuing investment opportunities in the Gulf Coast region.