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Programs: Your Idea HERE

We welcome your help in building a learning community for our sector. To submit a program idea or recommend a speaker, email

While all program ideas are welcome, please understand that Philanthropy New York is constrained by organizational priorities and the limits of budget, scheduling, and staff time.

Plan a Members Briefing

Members can initiate and produce a briefing on a professional topic of their own choosing. If you wish, Philanthropy New York's staff will be pleased to assist with:

  • the planning process
  • publicity
  • registration
  • evaluation and
  • other logistical support.

The conference room, subject to availability, may be used without charge.  For more information and a Preliminary Planning form, see Members Briefing Guidelines and Form.

Publicize Other Programs of Interest

We publicize programs of interest presented by members and colleague organizations in our e-publication EVENTS. Contact us for publication deadlines, or to submit a program description.

Reserve the Conference Room

The Conference Room is available to members without charge, based on availability. It can be rented by outside organizations for a fee.  For more information please see Conference Facilities, under Member Benefits.

For more information on programs and publicity, contact

Get Involved with Philanthropy New York Programming

We welcome your program suggestions, input, and leadership, as well as your organization’s financial support, for sessions that you think would be of particular value to the Philanthropy New York community.

Share a new program idea, or get involved with one of the ideas suggested by your colleagues (see below). You can help the Philanthropy New York staff prioritize programs, based on members’ interest – or you may want to lend your help if a program involves unbudgeted costs, or more design and planning than staff time allows.

  • Share your idea for a new Philanthropy New York funders’ program. Program ideas are listed anonymously.
  • Express your interest in one of the programs that colleagues have suggested (see below).  Would you attend? Do you think your colleagues would attend?
  • Volunteer to serve as lead designer/producer (with the support of Philanthropy New York staff) for a selected program.
  • Through your organization, contribute funds to cover special program expenses.

Contact us at Program ideas are listed anonymously.

Ideas Suggested by Member and Colleague Orgs