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Philanthropists Talk About Joining Together

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Projects & Initiatives

Philanthropy New York has launched several collaborations and projects to help grantmakers

  • connect with each other and share best practices;
  • support joint funding responses to urgent needs; and
  • provide a collective voice to promote the philanthropic sector.

Learn more about our unique projects and initiatives below.

In This Area

  • Diversity in Philanthropy Initiatives
    Our committment to increasing diversity in our sector and beyond.
  • New York EngAGEment: Communities for All Ages
    A two-year initiative to inform funders about the implications of an aging population in the city, state, nation and abroad, and to increase financial support of age-related issues as they affect many different areas of grantmaking.
  • The New York Community Trust—New York Magazine Nonprofit Excellence Awards
    A joint initiative of The New York Community Trust, The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC), and Philanthropy New York, sponsored by New York Magazine and WNYC, to recognize outstanding management practices at New York-area nonprofits.
    In 2009, Philanthropy New York commemorated our 30th anniversary by celebrating the remarkable reach of our region's grantmaking sector with 30 Grants in 30 Days. These stories demonstrate what philanthropy means and the impact it has had over the past three decades.
  • Gulf Coast Recovery Task Force
    The collaborative response by members to the devastation in the Gulf Coast after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.